St George Eagles - Home of the Dixie Spirit - - St George is the home of Dixie College...and is the County Seat for the important surrounding cities that have grown with "Dixie"...and the Dixie Spirit is the spirit of the men and women of "Dixie" that when faced with losing their "Dixie College" mortgaged their homes in the 1920's and again in the 1930's to keep the State from closing "their" college. And then in the 1950's when they were once again faced with closing due to low enrollment...an "Armenian" WWII Vet and Dixie College graduate and athlete...was hired to coach the football team...and was told that if enrollment didn't increase...the college would be closed the next year...he took his 4 kids and wife on the road...and recruited boys to play football and girls to be "cheerleaders"...and enrollment was doubled in one year... and when the football team became nationally recognized for its winning record and All-American players...the college was saved and the "Dixie Spirit" once again saved the college. AND the Eagle mascot represents the opportunity to "Soar like an Eagle...and reach for the Stars"


The St George Eagles , with USA Collegiate (USA-C) is here to provide Athletic & Academic Advancement (AAA) through our private Post High School Collegiate and "Prep" (commonly referred to as the "Gap Year.")

The EAGLES will be providing high school graduates the opportunity to continue developing their athleticism (physical development & athletic skills); advance academically – filling in any gaps, developing a strong base, or simply getting ahead; and expand and develop critical life skill abilities.


Spearheading this opportunity are Dave & Paul Arslanian – very successful Coaches at the JC, College, and Professional Level.

Megan Pomeroy has years of experience directing On-line Schooling, is the Academic Director for USA-C, and is instrumental in developing and providing a very individualized opportunity to meet the athletes' academic goals.

Mark Brady is the Commissioner of Football, has years of experience coaching College Football, and working as an Educational Consultant helping parents of troubled teens.


The Eagles will be coached by the legendary, “Coach Cro”- Greg Croshaw ! “Coach Cro” has won National Championships at the Junior College Level; Sent over 300 players on the 4-year Colleges, and over 34 players to the NFL etc.


We are not trying to out recruit the 4-year Colleges and Universities, but we know that those Football Programs start with a large list of potential players, but ultimately, they are only able to sign a small number of the young men that have a desire to play college football. There can be many reasons why a player doesn’t get this initial opportunity - possible injury, later physical and/or skill development, and/or academic issues … etc. Regardless of the reason, USA-C and the St George Eagles are here to make sure dreams aren’t dashed before they can ever begin. Depending on the player's situation, Junior College or Post High School Collegiete (Gap Year) with the Eagles can serve as the avenue to see those dreams realized.

St. George Eagles is the first private junior college football teams in Utah whose program will help post-high school football players develop academically, athletically and physically to reach their goal of playing major college football.


163W 1600S STE 5

St. George UT, 84770

Coach "Cro" - Greg Croshaw - Head Coach


Mark Brady - Commissioner of Football


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