USA Collegiate and the St George Eagles Academic Program -

USA-Collegiate (USA-C) is committed to providing the best possible educational experience, and through USA-C and our partnered Institutions, we offer a comprehensive higher education package and “prep” learning for junior college (JC) and Post High School Collegiate, or P-HS-C student-athletes – individualized for the honor student to the student struggling in mainstream college courses.

Academic Options include: Playbook (in partnership with SUU); USA-C Online; Coral Sands & Vocational Learning.  Below provides a glimpse of some of the opportunities that can be available for the St George Eagle Student-Athlete.


· World-class curriculums and qualified professors.

· Access to advisors and peer mentors.

· Tutoring facilities and open office hours from professors.

· Library and research databases.

· Low-cost and transferable credits from an accredited state university.*

· Flexible semesters and starting dates.Completely online curriculum.


· Regular check-ins with academic coaches.

· Additional tutoring resources to ensure schedules and needs are met.

· Regular point of contact to ensure all resources are utilized.

· Goal setting meetings and follow-ups.

· Leadership coaching and guest lectures.

· Time management skills training.Trade school and career advisory office.

*USA Collegiate Online is licensed by the state of Utah, and  is not an accredited state university

Megan Pomeroy - Academic Director

Megan Pomeroy is a Special Education teacher with a Masters in Learning and Technology in Education. She is the Academic Director of Coral Sands Academy and the Academic Director of USA-Collegiate and has worked in education since 2006. Megan loves sports and understands the importance of the skills and work ethic that sports offer. When Megan isn’t working with students, she enjoys the outdoors with her husband and four kids.

For questions please contact Megan Pomeroy - Academic Director

Call - 435-313-3817

St. George Eagles is the first private junior college football teams in Utah whose program will help post-high school football players develop academically, athletically and physically to reach their goal of playing major college football.


163W 1600S STE 5

St. George UT, 84770

Coach "Cro" - Greg Croshaw - Head Coach


Mark Brady - Commissioner of Football


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